Servicing all of Brevard County

We provide an abundance of services and have a wide range of knowledge in many different areas of our industry to help you get everything you need! We provide countless services for commercial and residental! We provide excellent service to those we work with and are willing to take care of your every need! Take a look at our list of services and be sure to visit our work gallery to see what we have been doing!

Our growing list of services

Our Pristine Lawn Care

We are and have the best in our industry in order to take care of your lawn. We come every week in the summer, and every two weeks in the winter. It includes cutting, tirmming, edging, and fertilizing.

Tree Trimming

We specialize in tree trimming. We have some of the most affordable plans to protect your home from a large or oversized troublesome tree.

Mulching and Planting

We take pride in adding hedges, bushes, and any kind of mulch you need for you property. We also do flowerbeds, large privacy hedges, and tree removal.

Sod Laying

We specialize in laying sod down to ensure your yard is seemless and fresh right from the get-go. With our service in laying down sod, you will hardly notice any seams.

Large Clearouts

We have the tools and means to clear out overgrown and cluttered yards and backyards that have gotten out of hand.

Hedge Trimming and Yard Cleanup

We are able to cleanup your yard and keep it looking fresh to keep up with HOA standards. You give us what the HOA requires, and our promise is that it will be done.

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